Your pets

"A civilized country you can ‘judge by the way they treat animals "

Mahatma Gandhi

Just to meet the needs of our customers who love animals we have prepared a small garden at the entrance of the camping “Dog garden” enclosed by a hedge and a network impassable , in which you can let it free your dog safely so that might have provided a space where to play and give vent to the desire to move freely without a leash , the area has everything you need, water bowls etc .

The Pets guests are welcome to ” Camping Park dei Dogi ” provided that they meet a few but strict rules, please report the arrival at the campsite and the presence of pets will be allowed under the following conditions : they have the relevant medical records, the animal is not left unattended. Are not left to move freely in the area, and is brought on a leash and muzzled if of large size.
The owner must be provided with a special scoop and bag , and make sure that no espleti their physiological needs inside the site if it were to happen it must immediately gather , we must make sure that is not disturbed the stillness of the rest of other customers . The owner is also responsible for all the effects of any damage to persons and / or things . Dogs are not permitted to enter the premises of common use , showers, toilets, nor wash the dogs in the showers. Dogs are not allowed breeds SO-CALLED aggressive ( rottweiler , pitbull , and so on. ) . Dogs , by order of the mayor of Jesolo, is denied access to the beach.